Kenyans woke up on the 3rd of September 2018 to find a new price increase in all the petrol stations country-wide forcing those using public transport had to pay an extra coin to get to their destinations and those with private means also feeling the pinch.

This comes after the Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich ordered the increase according to the 16 percent VAT on all petroleum products that was to take effect from the 1st September 2018. Now Kenyans have to worry even more after maize millers also announced price rise over petrol tax. They cited that the change will result in additional costs for grain handling, flour processing, packaging, and distribution costs.

Kenyans are now on the mercy of the honorable president Uhuru Kenyatta who is out of the country on official matters in China to suspend the Bill for another two years as proposed by parliament in its amendment

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